Exhibiting No-No's

Feb 13

Last month, I attended the big, annual trade show for the promotional products industry. It's an amazing show where I not only see an array of new, "new," and classic promotional products; I also h...

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Why "What's Hot" Could Be a "What's Not" for Promotional Products

Dec 12, 2023

The question I'm asked most often at trade shows and in conversation, especially by new clients and prospects is, "What's hot?" You easily can substitute trendy, cool, popular, or another similar a...

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Questions about Branded Sunscreen?

Jul 13, 2023

We often get asked about how to pick the "best" of whatever product our client is looking for. While the "best" can differ based on the situation, we also know that our knowledge of over 600,000 ...

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What Are You Designing For?

May 11, 2023

There's a huge problem in the world of graphic design in terms of how those designers are being taught or, at least, where their focus is in the design process. What many of us on the production...

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Being a Mentor

Feb 21, 2023

I've been asked to teach a class on how to handle a promotional products order from beginning to end to ensure the best possible outcome several times over the years. Who is my audience for this ...

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It's Trade Show Season Again!

Dec 27, 2022

I'm heading off to my big industry trade show in a couple of weeks to find out what’s new and exciting in the world of promotional products, I’m also inundated with clients needs for ...

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It's an Honor Being Asked Not to Attend (As an Exhibitor)

Nov 29, 2022

When Lev Promotions was a member at our local regional Chamber of Commerce, we would display at the quarterly morning mixers. I found the event to be a good networking opportunity and had gotten ...

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Are Millennials Truly Different?

Oct 18, 2022

Here I am setting myself up for controversy on my opinions, so read this at my own risk! I’ve been hearing for years now how the Millennial generation is so different – they want ins...

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Respect the Time You're Given

Jul 26, 2022

I was at a networking event the other evening and we had a guest speaker come in. He was billed as a motivational speaker, but I would call him a sales strategy speaker. He was dynamic. He had som...

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Your #1 Marketing Tool

May 03, 2022

Clients often ask me, “What is the number one most effective marketing tool?” My answer is, “Delivering consistent customer service at or above the level that is consistent with...

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Are You Marketing for You or for Your Prospects

Apr 19, 2022

One of the challenges I face on a regular basis is getting clients and prospects to understand that their marketing should be a reflection of them without being all about them. It’s a diffi...

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People Are Always Watching!

Apr 05, 2022

So, I’m on the freeway when I see a van with signage for a plumbing company I know. Traffic is moving a bit slowly, so I’m able to peek in the window to see if the driver is one of th...

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Mar 22, 2022

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Where is the Patience and Self-Responsbility?

Dec 14, 2021

While this may read as a gripe session, it's really not - it's not meant to complain; simply to illustrate a point about life. I am pretty much at the end of trying to connect with someone who w...

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Is TV Advertising Effective?

Nov 30, 2021

I recently read an article that said that even the most memorable TV ads didn’t cause any type of significant, sustained uptick in business for the company advertising! Those super-expensiv...

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Does the “Exclusive” Networking Group Work?

Nov 16, 2021

For years, I used to belong to those one-industry-rep-only “exclusive” networking groups. They were Chamber affiliated or independent groups, but built on the same basic model as BNI ...

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When You Are the Brand, Make Sure You Represent!

Oct 05, 2021

Although customer service representatives are generally the experience of the brand, people may be willing to give some leeway for a poor experience knowing that, in a larger company, the rep the...

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When Social Media Expertise is Not Very Social!

Sep 21, 2021

I attended an event featuring a LinkedIn expert who spoke on how to leverage LinkedIn to grow a business. I must admit that I was impressed by what he had to say – his strategies made sense...

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Are You Just Gambling with Your Business Cards?

Aug 10, 2021

While COVID has changed some of our behaviors, I suspect that many of those networking-related actions will return once in-person events resume in full-swing again; if they haven't already in you...

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Keeping Attendees On Track and Energized

Jul 01, 2021

Challenge: An insurance company needed to share the agenda of a conference and wanted to include a snack treat to keep attendees energized and not wandering off to find a snack. Soluti...

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Tradeshow "Season"​ Is Back

Jun 15, 2021

One of the things I love doing most is helping my clients make their trade show/tabletop show exhibits more successful. It's been a quiet year in regards to those live shows, but they're baaaaack! ...

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Are You Promotional Products Prepared?

Jun 01, 2021

It's been a while since I offered my “Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan” seminar, but I remember how I would get a lot of requests at the end of December wanting to know when the ne...

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Marketing or Selling?

May 19, 2021

I was reminded today of a discussion I had some time back about our local Chamber where I mentioned that our Chamber knows how to sell, but not how to market. Not sure what that means? Think tha...

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What Does Your Outgoing Voicemail Message Really Say?

May 04, 2021

One of my pet peeves is the outgoing message on a seemingly friendly and helpful voicemail that ends with, “I’ll call you back at my earliest convenience.” Your earliest conven...

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What Is Marketing?

Mar 23, 2021

I was having a conversation with someone the other day about the definition of marketing. She believes that advertising is not a part of marketing. In my opinion, that is incorrect. The way I se...

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Is Your USP Really Unique

Feb 23, 2021

Sometime ago, I wrote about developing a 30-second commercial and five of the key points that go into making a successful elevator pitch. Part of that pitch can be your unique selling proposition, ...

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Track Where Your Business Comes from for Better Marketing Strategies

Feb 09, 2021

Determining what is a successful marketing technique for any business can be challenging. Most businesses don’t have good tracking methods in place to measure ROI/ROO. Those that do, tend n...

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Tough Love Lessons – Are You Just the Life of the Party….

Jan 12, 2021

I was rereading some old blog posts from 9 years ago and came across this one. While it is not applicable to this moment in time, with a vaccine here and events probably starting up again in th...

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Off the Marketing Track

Dec 29, 2020

Although most of what I write about has some sort of tie-in to marketing, I’m taking this opportunity to write about something that has personal meaning to me. Hopefully, this will inspire ...

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A Solid Infrastructure Is Crucial to Successful Marketing

Dec 15, 2020

Having been a startup once and having worked with several over the years, I've learned some critical lessons. One of them is that startup owners' goals are usually lofty and they have the willing...

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5 Tips for a Better Elevator Pitch

Dec 01, 2020

While we may not be sharing elevators too much right now, we are still attending networking events - virtual or otherwise - and that pesky "elevator pitch" is still important to your introduction...

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Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should!

Nov 17, 2020

I recently read a post on LinkedIn talking about trade show someone had attended in the past month. There was a comment that the best thing in the show bag was a COVID-19 rapid test. I have to admi...

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How Product Placement Can Create Publicity

Nov 10, 2020

They say there's no such thing as bad PR. Well, that may depend on your point of view, but product placement can create a buzz that equates to an ad or PR spend. When you're ...

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Morning Talk Show Rates a Successful Promotion!

Sep 25, 2020

Challenge: A major television station was about to begin producing a new morning talk show. They wanted to do something special for the studio audience for the first month of the show's airings to ...

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Pet Peeve - I Don't Care Where You're Sending Your E-mail From!

Aug 25, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe that having that little sentence at the end of an e-mail advertising the fact that it was sent that e-mail from your phone excuses anyone f...

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The Truth About Promotional Products

Aug 11, 2020

I've been in the promotional products business for about 20 years now and I can tell you that I honestly believe that they are 99% worthless as marketing tools. OK, pick your jaw up off the floor ...

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Marketing Creatively Can Set You Apart

Jul 28, 2020

Every month, I update the Lev Promotions website with a list of upcoming commemorative dates, holidays, and events that can be used as wonderful marketing tools. Many of them are fun, silly littl...

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Why Are We Followers When It Comes to Marketing?

Jul 14, 2020

Good marketing is all about making you stand out from the others – building a brand that is recognizable, unique and compelling. Why then do so many business owners insist on doing what som...

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Why Is “Everyone” Not Your Target Market?

Jun 30, 2020

I was on the phone the other day with a prospect. I asked him who his target market is and he told me, “Every church in town.” When I told him that, although in theory “every ch...

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A Sweet Treat to Keep You on Their Minds

Jun 16, 2020

I am often asked if food gifts are good for marketing purposes. The answer is, “They can be.” If you choose something that doesn’t taste good, or that arrives spoiled or broken...

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When You Plan for Opportunities, They Usually Show Up

Jun 02, 2020

Ever notice that, once you’ve put your mind to something, things kind of fall into place to make it happen. I was reviewing my strategic marketing plan to see where I was on track and what...

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Choosing an Effective Promotional Product

May 19, 2020

With businesses opening back up and bringing along better access to our clients and prospects I am fielding a lot of questions about choosing and using promotional products effectively; especiall...

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Marketing – The Unofficial Aspect of It that Can Make or Break You

May 05, 2020

As businesses begin to open up again, it's time to make sure that we've done everything we can to polish our image and make some changes to the way we present ourselves to our customers and clients...

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The Importance of Public Speaking

Apr 21, 2020

For three years, my older daughter participated in the annual Lion’s Club speech contest for high schoolers. She didn’t win, but she gave two really great performances out of her three ...

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Professionalism – Is It Dying?

Apr 07, 2020

A while back, I received an invitation via Facebook to join a new networking group that is being organized by someone local to me who owns a marketing company (yes, that technically makes her a c...

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Getting Through It

Mar 25, 2020

It's a challenging time we're in now. Between trying to stay healthy and keeping our finances healthy with lost jobs and/or lost work for those of us that are self-employed, some days just feel lik...

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Being a Solopreneur and Getting Sick

Mar 10, 2020

First of all, let me say that this article is not in response to what's happening with the Covid-19 virus. It's just a general observation of the challenges of being sick when you're a solopreneu...

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Review & Regroup for 2020

Jan 28, 2020

So 2020 is officially here. Have you taken the time to review 2019's business successes, challenges and (dare I say it?) failures. If we want to make a difference to the growth opportunities we h...

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Target Market vs. Referral Source

Dec 17, 2019

I've noticed over the many years I’ve been in business helping others market theirs is that there is often lack of clarity with the terms “target market” and “referral sou...

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Marketing Lessons from Disney

Dec 03, 2019

Anyone who's known me for more than 2 minutes knows that I am an avid Disney fan. Not only do I enjoy just about everything Disney on a personal level, but I find many things about their busine...

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Image-Changing Mugs: A Great Way to Promote A Change in Your Business

Nov 05, 2019

Does your business have a change coming up that you’d like to publicize? A custom branded product that has a changing image component to them are the perfect item to get people excited abou...

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Walk the Floor - Trade Shows Are Your Friends

Aug 27, 2019

It’s not unusual to find me at a trade show – either walking the aisles of one of my industries trade shows or exhibiting or helping a client with their exhibit. A couple of weeks ago, ...

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It’s Never Too Early to Learn How to Make a Good Impression

Aug 13, 2019

I remember when I enlisted my then 0-year old daughter to stuff and label envelopes for me for a Lev Promotions’ mailing. Each envelope required seven steps in order for it to be ready to m...

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Vacations as a Marketing Tool

Jul 30, 2019

So you’re a micro – to mid-size business owner and you just don’t/can’t find the time to be away from the office long enough for a vacation? I’m in the same boat, but ...

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Is Your Photograph a Good Marketing Tool?

Jul 16, 2019

At the risk of creating a great LinkedIn controversy and alienating my photographer friends, clients and prospects, here is my view of using your photograph as a marketing tool. I know the most po...

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Off the Marketing Track

Jul 02, 2019

Although most of my blogs have some sort of a tie-in to marketing, I’m taking this opportunity to write about something that has personal meaning to me. Hopefully, this will inspire someone...

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A Solid Infrastructure Is Crucial to Successful Marketing

Jun 18, 2019

I’ve been working with several start-ups recently who are looking to put together a marketing plan. Their goals are lofty, but they have the willingness to work to achieve those goals. The ...

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What Is Marketing?

May 21, 2019

I often see the question “What’s the difference between marketing and advertising?” posted in chat groups and discussion boards. Do you know the difference? Or is there one? Ad...

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Are You Delivering on Your Promises?

May 07, 2019

Every business has something that they are promising, along with the product or service itself - a benefit. The item will work better or faster. It will last longer. You will receive it within a ...

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The Mood Card Repurposed

Apr 23, 2019

You may have seen that stress or mood card, often used as a business card, which shows your stress level when you put your finger on the test button. It turns a color which you match up with th...

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Exceeding ROO for Trade Show Floor Meetings

Apr 15, 2019

Challenge: A promotional products company (okay, it was us, Lev Promotions) was exhibiting at our first international trade show/conference (ExhibitorLive) and wanted to ensure some show floor me...

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Is the Customer Always Right?

Apr 09, 2019

I often start a seminar/presentation/workshop on marketing by saying, “Your number one marketing tool is great customer service. Without at least good customer service, there’s no sense...

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What Is Marketing?

Mar 26, 2019

I often see the question “What’s the difference between marketing and advertising?” posted on chat groups and discussion boards. Do you know the difference? Or is there one? Ad...

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Case Study: Resort Incentive Yields Oceans of Opportunity

Mar 23, 2019

A five-star resort that frequently hosts corporate events for Fortune 500 companies wanted to reach out to corporate guests to entice them to return for family vacations. The goal was for the guest...

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Case Study: Computer Repair At Your Fuzzy Fingertips

Feb 22, 2019

A computer repair store attended a local home show and wanted something useful but unique to attract attendees to their booth. They also wanted something that would keep their name top of mind when...

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Are You a Salesperson or Someone Who Is Good at Making Sales?

Feb 12, 2019

I am often asked how do I like being in sales? It’s a valid question; after all, part of my job is to sell promotional products. When I am asked this, I always think back to my days as a F...

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Your Vendors Are Your Friends

Jan 29, 2019

This may be a repeat topic, but it's worth saying again: Your vendors are your friends - or at least they should be. They are the ones who keep your supply chain moving, who may be able to help y...

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Is Any Publicity Good?

Jan 02, 2019

There are those who are of the belief that any publicity is good publicity – even if it’s bad. I don't believe that a bad story about you can be "good" publicity, but there may be a w...

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25 Noteworthy Facts About Promotional Products

Dec 22, 2018

You don’t have to work in the field of promotional products to notice the impact they can have on any organization’s marketing efforts. As the most effective medium of advertising acros...

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Business Events are about the Marketing, Not the Social

Dec 18, 2018

A great marketing tool for businesses and organizations is holding an event. It can be an open house, a launch party for a new product or service, a grand opening for a new location, an anniversa...

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With Business Gifts, What’s Inside Is Not the Only That Counts

Dec 04, 2018

When it comes to business gifts, what’s outside can be at least as important as what is inside the package. By making the packaging and/or presentation of a business gift creative, we can m...

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A Lunch That Packs a Punch

Nov 22, 2018

Description: 3 Section Lunch Container Industry: Healthcare What it was purchased for: A hospital was looking for a unique lunch packet for nurses, doctors, and anyone else employed at any of the...

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Should Holiday Business Gift be Imprinted?

Nov 20, 2018

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how it’s already time to start thinking about holiday business gifts. Well, after the gifts have been chosen, the big question is all about the imprint. Alt...

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Are Food Gifts a Good Idea for Business Purposes?

Nov 11, 2018

Business gifts of food are, without a doubt, popular; maybe even the most popular holiday gift item. The question remains, “As a business gift, do I get the desired marketing results with...

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Giving Holiday Business Gifts

Oct 25, 2018

If you haven't already started thinking about your holiday business gifts, then now is the time. While most people believe that the best time to give holiday business gifts is the week or two le...

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5 Fail-Proof Ideas for Your Business Instagram

Oct 22, 2018

What generates over 95 million photos and videos each day, 4.2 billion likes daily and has 700 million active users? You guessed it – Instagram. This photo and video sharing social platform h...

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Customer Service – Your #1 Marketing Tool

Oct 09, 2018

Now I may have addressed this topic before – I may even have an entry under the same name; nevertheless, here I go again. Why, you ask? Because I am currently on hold to speak with a custom...

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Can Business Growth Be Bad?

Sep 25, 2018

I was planning to write about branding today, when I came across an article in one of my trade magazines about how too much growth too fast can be as detrimental to a company as a decline in busi...

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Case Study: College Fair Giveaway

Sep 22, 2018

Description: 4" Mini Plush Buddies Frog with Shirt Industry: Education What it was purchased for: A community college was looking for a giveaway item to have at their booth for the upcoming colle...

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When More Is Not Better

Sep 13, 2018

I know a few business owners and sales people out there who seem to be addicted to the “expert” marketing or sales guru. They have made almost a religion out of following several differ...

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What Is the Cost of Marketing, or Not Marketing?

Aug 28, 2018

It seems to be a constant refrain from the many business owners and managers: “We just don’t have the money to market the business.” My question to them is, “How do you e...

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Politics – Good Marketing or Not?

Aug 14, 2018

Without revealing my own political beliefs, I can honestly say that politics embodies one of the worst examples of marketing that I have ever seen. Really doesn’t matter if it’s for a p...

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What Is a SWOT Analysis?

Jul 31, 2018

‘Tis almost the season for developing marketing plans for 2019. But, really it's never too early to start planning. When a developing a marketing plan is on your to-do list, it's important ...

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Case Study: Safety First

Jul 22, 2018

Product: Auto Safety Kit Industry: Banking What it was purchased for: As a gift to anyone who opened a new bank account for over $1,000.00. How it was distributed: The bank was looking for a bra...

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Mapping Your Route to a Successful Trade Show Promotion

Jul 17, 2018

While you may think the photo above is just a map, in fact, it is a microfiber cleaning cloth. Or, in better terms, it is a great pre-show mailer invitation for your target market attending a tra...

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Professional Development Can Be Rejuvenating to You and Your Business

Jul 03, 2018

I make it a point to attend the trade shows in my industry on a regular basis. I've been to my favorite ones often enough to notice when a regular exhibitor isn't in their "usual" spot. Not only...

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Case Study: Raise Your Glass!

Jun 21, 2018

Objective A local brewery wanted an eye-catching promotional item to place on tables that would boost their alcohol sales and highlight their weekly specials while encouraging enrollment for their...

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Evaluating What Works

Jun 19, 2018

I believe the most overlooked, and yet very important, part of a marketing plan is evaluating the components to see what is working and how effectively it is working. That means examining the resu...

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Viral Marketing at Work

Jun 05, 2018

You’ve probably heard the phrase “viral marketing.” If you’re unsure what it means, it is word of mouth taken to the nth degree by having people spread the word quickly an...

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An Inexpensive, Yet Invaluable, Marketing Tool

May 29, 2018

I firmly believe that customer testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to any business. Nothing says “success” like a customer willing to put into words ho...

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16 Ways Color Affects Your Branding and Marketing

May 21, 2018

Substantial research shows why color matters in branding and how it plays an important role in how we experience marketing. These 16 facts give you a glimpse into how you can use color to your adva...

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Deliver What You Promise - Or Else

May 08, 2018

We’ve all heard the phrase "under-promise and over-deliver." I am a personal fan of that saying. I heartily believe that you should deliver at least to the level you promised. When possible...

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Trade Shows – Not Just Fun and Games

Apr 26, 2018

I am already preparing to head to a regional trade show for promotional product consultants in August. It is one of two large trade shows for the promotional products industry that I attend each ...

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Why You Need Promotional Products

Apr 21, 2018

In a world of ever-changing advertisement trends, there is one marketing solution that never grows old – promotional products. Studies show promotional products were ranked as the highest adv...

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Why Are Marketing Results So Hard to Measure?

Apr 10, 2018

It seems that the biggest argument for decreasing marketing budgets is that the results are seemingly "impossible to measure." Without hardcore proof of ROI or ROO, how do you justify spending th...

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What's in a Name

Mar 27, 2018

I recently saw an old networking group cohort of mine who told me that the group is considering changing its name because they feel their branding is non-existent. Although I don’t disagree...

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Determining Your Target Market

Mar 14, 2018

I have too often heard sales people and business owners say that their target market is “everyone.” No matter how useful, ubiquitous, inexpensive, or absolutely necessary a product or...

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Celebrate Milestones

Feb 21, 2018

A bank wanted to promote 110 years of serving individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania through an "Open House" celebration at their branches. Among the many products selected to commemorate this ...

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A Lesson In Branding

Feb 14, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a bit about who appealing to as many senses as possible reinforces your brand. Here's a great example of one company that does it amazingly well: Anyone who has kn...

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4 Steps to #Winning Social Media

Feb 13, 2018

Social media is one of the fastest growing and ever-changing media platforms in existence. What began as an online community for the younger generations, now encompasses billions of people across t...

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The Value of Your Vendors – Take 2

Jan 30, 2018

A while back, I wrote about how valuable a good relationship with your vendors can be. I recently had living proof of that, yet again. Over the past month, I’ve been dealing with one of th...

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Branding: Does Yours Make Sense?

Jan 23, 2018

A networking organization asked me to speak on branding to four of their chapters a while back. Since I wrote about an aspect of how our brand is really built last time, maybe another installment...

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More on Branding – Experience is Everything

Jan 02, 2018

Looking back at a previous post, I noticed that I kind-of-sort-of-almost talked about creating an experience around a promotional product as part of the branding process. What I didn’t do, ...

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The Only Way to Safely Drink and Drive

Dec 19, 2017

One promotional product I discovered at a trade show quickly became a favorite of mine because it immediately awakened the punster in me. I realized that this item was perfect for drunk driving a...

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Do Your Clients Know What You Do?

Dec 06, 2017

This may seem like a strange question. After all, if we’ve already defined them as “your clients,” doesn’t that mean that they’ve already done business with you? And...

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Using Videos for Marketing

Nov 21, 2017

Using video can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Since I understand this, but concede that this is not my area of expertise, I defer to my friend and client, Shawn Dennison, owner of...

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Are You Marketing to Your Internal Customer?

Nov 07, 2017

So we all know the importance of marketing to our customers and prospects. Without their patronage, we can’t have a successful business. But what about your internal customers? Are you mar...

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Getting Your Name out There

Oct 25, 2017

Getting your name out there can be tricky, especially for the smaller business which may have the challenge of a big-name competitor whose name everyone recognizes. One way to combat this is to ...

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Your Vendors – Another Marketing Arm for Your Company

Sep 26, 2017

Most of us take our vendors for granted. We choose them based on some combination of price, quality and service. If one part of that equation falters, then we may look for a replacement, or we ma...

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Is Social Media a Successful Marketing Tool?

Sep 14, 2017

Social media is such a hot topic in the marketing world. People are spending several hours per week (or day) updating their profiles, looking for connections, posting, and more in the hopes of bu...

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Marketing Is Successful When Time, Effort & Money Is Invested Wisely

Aug 29, 2017

Lately, I’ve run into several business owners who don’t understand why their business is not more successful than it is. After all, their current customers seem happy, they just don&rsq...

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Take Time for Yourself

Aug 15, 2017

A few years ago, I spent the better part of late December through February sick with a cold that turned to bronchitis that turned to pneumonia. Within a few weeks of being completely well, it was P...

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Professional Development is Important!

Aug 01, 2017

Whatever your job or profession, to be successful and stay relevant in your industry, professional development is critical. Although regular certification is not required of marketing professional...

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Are Promotional Products an Expense or an Investment?

Jul 19, 2017

I was recently approached by someone who had gotten my contact information from a local printer. This person publishes e-books and had decided, on his own, that license plate frames and "maybe pens...

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Can Marketing Deliver Measurable Results?

Jul 07, 2017

There is an old cliché in the marketing industry: “Half of my marketing is effective. The problem is, I don’t know which half.” The fact is, most people don’t really...

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Is It Wrong to Market a Product/Service Based on a Disaster?

Jun 20, 2017

This is a tough one for me. I have a client whose whole business is developing contingency plans for businesses. (You know, those plans every business – and family, for that matter – is...

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Why a Business Card is NOT a Lead

Jun 06, 2017

Today, I'm bringing you the thoughts of Candy Adams, The Booth Mom®. Candy is the owner of Trade Show Consulting and an expert in all things trade show related. I'm thrilled to be able to learn...

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Rethinking How We Can Use a Promotional Product

May 24, 2017

As I was looking at some samples I’d recently received from one of my suppliers for a client's needs, it dawned on me all the amazing opportunities there are to utilize these to make a variet...

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Signs of a Growing Business

Apr 25, 2017

What better promotional marketing campaign to brag about your growing business than a plant? We found a few variations on plant products at a recent trade show we attended and knew that it was a ...

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What Makes a Promotional Product Effective?

Apr 25, 2017

So you’re all excited about using a promotional product as a marketing tool! You’ve found the “perfect” pen/mug/t-shirt/key chain/whatever and can’t wait to give it aw...

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Promotional Products Sometimes Don't Work...

Mar 29, 2017

This was taken from an e-newsletter that I write where we feature case studies of promotional product and trade show marketing successes. I wanted to share this promotional product case study her...

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Make Your Trade Show Exhibit a Success

Feb 28, 2017

The winter trade show season hit the ground running back in January. If you’re booked to exhibit at a trade show anytime in 2017 and haven’t put together and/or started to implement y...

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A Different Spin on a Seminar Invitation

Feb 15, 2018

A few years back, Jeff Toister, owner of Toister Performance Solutions, decided to put a different spin on things for Customer Service Week. Toister, a nationally acclaimed consultant, speaker ...

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Community Bank Cashes In

Feb 15, 2018

The Bank of Newport is a small bank branch that serves the southeastern area of New England. They were established in 1819 and have only 12 bank locations, mostly in Rhode Island. Their challen...

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Hot Sauce Company Turns up the Heat at Trade Shows with Message Pens

Feb 15, 2018

One of the largest international hot sauce suppliers sells its products through a network of major distributors. The company attends approximately fifteen trade shows annually, focusing on meet...

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