Are Millennials Truly Different?

  • Oct 18, 2022

Here I am setting myself up for controversy on my opinions, so read this at my own risk!

I’ve been hearing for years now how the Millennial generation is so different – they want instant gratification, want to be promoted quickly at work, and want to work when they want to work.

Aren’t these traits we pretty much all had when we were young. Doesn’t it stem from the impatience that a certain lack of maturity and responsibility bring?

Didn’t most of us grow out of it as we got older and took on the responsibilities of a car payment, rent/mortgage and maybe even a family?

From a marketing perspective, I saw a study targeting Millennials asking how they prefer to be advertised to. While most people would probably guess that social media is where they want to be reached, the number one answer was that they want “stuff.” They want to go to an event and get a promotional item. They want to complete an action you’ve asked them to do and get a tangible reward (not necessarily cash or a cash equivalent).

Now tell, me, if you’re not a Millennial, is that a whole lot different than you?

I will admit that technology has changed the way we communicate and there are a lot of social dynamics that have changed as well. These have certainly contributed to a change in expectations and beliefs in many people. That being said, I see some of those reflected in every age group, not just millennials.

So, how different are we all based on generational differences; or is society as a whole changing?


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