Being a Solopreneur and Getting Sick

  • Mar 10, 2020

First of all, let me say that this article is not in response to what's happening with the Covid-19 virus. It's just a general observation of the challenges of being sick when you're a solopreneur.

So being sick is no fun in the work world. After all, when no one really has job security, not being there means the boss may decide s/he can get along without you by making everyone else take a piece of your load. So, you go in sick…exposing everyone else to what you’ve got…and making your own recuperation that much slower.

Now, what if you’re a solopreneur, like me? Although I have other small businesses that I partner with to help Lev Promotions provide a full array of services to its clients, I am Lev Promotions. Me, myself and I with no one else. When I’m sick, business could conceivably grind to a screeching halt. So, what happens?

Well, technology certainly helps. With a SmartPhone and laptop computer, I can conduct business from my sick bed.

A good relationship with my clients is a saving grace. I know that most will understand if I am a bit slower to respond if I am sick (or on vacation or away on business). They also know that I will do whatever is humanly possible to work with them to fill their needs at all times. If a delay is caused by something on my end rather than theirs, they know that I will work even harder to do so.

For those who don’t understand that everyone is human and gets sick sometimes, I still go the extra mile. After all, it is a business relationship and I appreciate their business, too.

What usually suffers is the pipeline of prospects. It’s tough to call a prospect on the phone when you can barely speak for all the coughing or you have no voice. It’s not a great first, or second, impression. That means that new business might be down for a week or so once I’m back on my feet. I’ve got some contingencies built in for that, but it always hurts to know that being on your own may have cost you some business opportunities when you’re not running at 100%.

All-in-all, being sick is never a pleasant way to get out of a bit of work.

Stay healthy my friends.

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