Getting Through It

  • Mar 25, 2020

It's a challenging time we're in now. Between trying to stay healthy and keeping our finances healthy with lost jobs and/or lost work for those of us that are self-employed, some days just feel like we're better off staying in bed.

OK, a little extra rest might not be a bad thing, but let's not lose sight of the fact that there are things we can do to make coming out the other side of this easier:

Polish up on a job skill. If there's something you've gotten a bit rusty at, or you know there's a better way to do something, or you want to add a skill to your repertoire, NOW IS THE TIME. There are plenty of online sources that can help - from LinkedIn learning to YouTube to trade industry webinars to those dusty books on your shelves. The opportunity to learn is all around, so take advantage and make yourself an even better catch as an employee; or turn yourself into a better boss.

If you're trying to make sales or keep the pipelines flowing, there are fun ways to reach out to your clients and prospects. Yes, trade shows and events have been cancelled and in-person sales calls are pretty much taboo right now; but that doesn't mean you can't still reach out via e-mail or phone calls to keep those pipelines from drying up. There are even ways to entice them to take a phone or virtual meeting with you. (Lev Promotions can help with that, if you're curious.) Heck, just checking in with these folks to see how they're doing is appreciated.

Donate your expertise. Contact your trade association or local extension school and see if they have an education program that might need your expertise to help others. Volunteer to give a webinar and pass along your knowledge. They'll usually provide the technical stuff, so you just have to provide a well-planned and coherent presentation. You might even learn how much you really know about a particular subject or ability!

Whatever you do, stay busy. It will help you stay sharp and motivated.

Stay healthy, my friends. This too shall pass.

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