Giving Holiday Business Gifts

  • Oct 25, 2018

If you haven't already started thinking about your holiday business gifts, then now is the time.

While most people believe that the best time to give holiday business gifts is the week or two leading up to Christmas, there are several compelling reasons to choose either Thanksgiving or New Year for business-related gift-giving.

1) Many offices close or individuals choose this time to take time off. Your gift won’t get to them if they are not there. Worse, if it is a food gift, it may even spoil before it is received.

2) Not everyone celebrates Christmas. While a gift of appreciation is always welcomed, the fact is that we don’t want to alienate anyone by not recognizing that people do have different beliefs and celebrate those at various times of the year. In light of this, why not take advantage of other holidays throughout the year to show appreciation to your clients, employees, referral sources, vendors and others who have made your business a success over the past year?

3) By giving your business gift when everyone else’s is delivered, you run the risk of getting lost in the deluge of baskets, boxes and cards.

By giving your business gifts either at Thanksgiving or just after New Year’s, you are guaranteed to beat the holiday rush of gifts that become a jumble of items and baskets with no one quite remembering what came from who. You will either be among the very first gifts to arrive (if not the first), or one of the very last; making you stand out among the crowd.

What better time to give a gift in thanks of new business, continued business, loyalty from employees, appreciation of referrals and/or great support and service from vendors than Thanksgiving? The sentiment will be well appreciated at this most appropriate and American of holidays. Since Thanksgiving is about one month before most people’s gifts arrive, yours will never get lost in the shuffle, giving you that extra wow factor.

Are you afraid that it will look like the recipient was an afterthought on the gift list if you opt for a post-New Year gift? It won’t if you treat it as a gift in thanks for their business last year and the anticipation of yet another successful year working together.

Need help choosing the perfect business gift to give to your employees, clients and/or vendors? Lev Promotions can help with everything from a gift for one to thousands, drop shipped directly to you in one shipment or wrapped and individually delivered wherever you need them to go. If you prefer something more low-key, we can also help with holiday cards that are appropriate to a business.

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