Marketing or Selling?

  • May 19, 2021

I was reminded today of a discussion I had some time back about our local Chamber where I mentioned that our Chamber knows how to sell, but not how to market.

Not sure what that means? Think that selling and marketing are the same? Not always.

Selling is one spoke of the marketing umbrella. Really, it’s almost the final step in the marketing process – the only thing that comes after the sale is the post-sale follow-up.

Since sales are what bring in the money, why should selling not be the only marketing strategy that you use? Well, people need to know that you exist and what products and/or services you have available to sell. That is where marketing comes in – it’s all about getting the message out there to the right people in the right way so that they choose to buy.

It’s much easier to make money when people are choosing/wanting/eager to buy rather than you having to sell to them. Wouldn't you prefer to entice people to you asking for more information and how to buy rather than always trying to talk someone into making the purchase?

That’s what a good overall marketing plan that is well-executed can do for you – drive the buyers to you.

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