People Are Always Watching!

  • Apr 5, 2022

So, I’m on the freeway when I see a van with signage for a plumbing company I know. Traffic is moving a bit slowly, so I’m able to peek in the window to see if the driver is one of the employees I know. Well, it wasn’t; but I wasn’t happy to see the driver talking on his cellphone. Not only was he doing something illegal, he was doing it in a company van. That puts that company in potential legal jeopardy if he gets into an accident.

It also gives people a poor impression of that company. The name is plastered all over the vehicle and there's no escaping this person as a representative of that business and, by extension, their values and ethics.

Marketing is about the impressions we make and people are always watching and listening; even when we don't realize it. Whether a salesperson is chatting on the phone to her boyfriend, or a driver is on his cellphone while behind the wheel of a company vehicle, or someone wearing a name badge pitches a fit while in line at the grocery store; people not only take away an impression of that person, but of the company they’re representing - whether they're on the clock or not.

Make sure you and your staff keep that in mind whenever they’re in a position to be connected in someone's mind with your company.


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