Professional Development is Important!

  • Aug 1, 2017

Whatever your job or profession, to be successful and stay relevant in your industry, professional development is critical.

Although regular certification is not required of marketing professionals, I make every effort to educate myself on what new techniques, technologies and trends are in the marketing arena. I take classes at industry trade shows; subscribe to several industry and business-general magazines and e-zines; belong to an online industry MasterMind group; and read books on marketing, business, customer service, graphics, and other relevant topics.

I even consider my love of (most things) Disney to be a part of my professional development. There attention to customer service is legendary and I am constantly inspired by the creativity of their Imagineers.

I know that doing these things makes me more valuable to my clients. It is part of the Lev Promotions’ culture of business – we’re not just product salespeople, we are marketing solutions specialists. We don’t just ask our customers to pick an item from a print or online catalog – we consult with our clients to choose and design the products, events, techniques, and programs that will bring them results.

None of this would be possible without ongoing education.

So, are you bringing all you can possibly bring to the table when it comes to your job or company? Are your customers getting value from you along with the products and/or services they purchase from you? If not, maybe some professional development efforts are in order.

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