Questions about Branded Sunscreen?

  • Jul 13, 2023

We often get asked about how to pick the "best" of whatever product our client is looking for. While the "best" can differ based on the situation, we also know that our knowledge of over 600,000 items can only be so deep. When we need advice, we turn to one of our trusted vendors, who are the experts on their product lines.

With summer here, branded sunscreen has become a seasonal favorite once again. While we all have a basic understanding of sunscreens, there are some nuanced differences that can make choosing one to put your brand on more appealing.

To get the scoop on sunscreen, we turned to our favorite vendor in that product category to get some answers. Check out these common questions and concerns about sun protection products - the answers will help you whether you're working with Lev Promotions on a promotion or just need some for yourself at the drugstore.

QUESTION: How do I know the sunscreen I'm looking at will actually protect against all UV rays?

ANSWER: There are two types of UV rays: UVA and UVB. UVA rays can prematurely age skin and UVB rays can burn skin. To protect against both types of UV rays, look for a sunscreen promo that provides broad spectrum protection.

QUESTION: What type of sunscreen should I consider if we're eco-conscious?

ANSWER: Sunscreens made with natural, mineral zinc oxide are the way to go! Mineral zinc oxide is the only known active sun product ingredient known to be effective against the sun's harmful rays, while being safe for coral reefs and other sea life. Look for "Reef Safe" in the product description and the label for the ultimate in eco-responsible sunscreen products.

QUESTION: Sunscreen is a great product, but it can be too messy when applying. Is there a good solution for this?

ANSWER: A sunblock stick (look like an oversized lip balm) is the answer! It is small enough to keep in pockets or bags, and the stick application is completely mess-free. 


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