Rethinking How We Can Use a Promotional Product

  • May 24, 2017

As I was looking at some samples I’d recently received from one of my suppliers for a client's needs, it dawned on me all the amazing opportunities there are to utilize these to make a variety of experiences more peaceful:

1) Realtors can have these available at open houses. They can give the adults the opportunity to talk more in detail about the house as well as keep the kids (with their potentially sticky fingers and muddy shoes) at a kitchen table while the parents look around.

2) Any contract signing occasion where children may be present (mortgage, car purchase, attorneys, etc…) would benefit from having something available to keep the kids busy. Parents often underestimate, or forget, how long it can take to complete paperwork and may bring the kids along thinking it will only take a few minutes. Anyone whose ever purchased a car from a dealership knows that it can take hours to go through the process. If an activity book is available, the kids can be kept busy while the parents concentrate on the business at hand. It may even speed the process up a bit because there will be fewer distractions.

Of course, having your imprint on such a book doesn’t hurt. Kids love to hold onto these types of things and that means your contact information (and your thoughtfulness) will be around the home for the parents to see.

There are many such products that can be multi-purposed in imaginative ways that will capture your prospects' attention.

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