Signs of a Growing Business

  • Apr 25, 2017

What better promotional marketing campaign to brag about your growing business than a plant? We found a few variations on plant products at a recent trade show we attended and knew that it was a perfect match for several of our clients.

For businesses and organizations who want to send out an eco-friendly message, this product is also a great fit – the planter shown in the photo is made from rice hulls and corn husks. The product itself will sprout and grow providing either the beauty of flowers or a taste-tempting herb.

If a business is growing with a new location, it’s a great way to commemorate a grand opening, or to spread the news within the local community.

A cookware store could run a gift with purchase promotion using the herb seed packets.

A retirement community or assisted living facility could use these planters as a welcome gift for new residents.

Seeded paper is also a great alternative. Postcards, business cards and bookmarks are all available with seeds embedded in the special paper. Once the item has been used for its purpose, the paper can be planted in a planter or garden. With some watering, it will sprout. (If you're on the Lev Promotions' mailing list, you probably received a seeded postcard from us earlier this year.)

Need a way to incorporate these plant items into your promotion? The Lev Promotions’ team can help –

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