Take Time for Yourself

  • Aug 15, 2017

A few years ago, I spent the better part of late December through February sick with a cold that turned to bronchitis that turned to pneumonia. Within a few weeks of being completely well, it was Passover and I was crazy with holiday prep and family in from out of town. Then, came spring break for my kids. What did it all this mean for me? That I was forced to spend more time taking care of myself and being a mom/wife/homemaker/human being rather than a business owner.

You know what I’ve discovered because of that? It’s actually good for business!

As counterintuitive as it may seem, taking some time to not concentrate on business can make the time that we spend on work that much more productive.

When we’re well rested and relaxed, work is not as much of a chore and we’re able to concentrate better on the task at hand; maybe even remember why we love what we do.

When we’ve taken ourselves out of the work environment and spent some time enjoying our home, the community, or even a vacation, it allows our creativity to recharge.

We see old problems in a new light and new solutions appear.

The same-old-same-old becomes a bit shinier when we return.

Take a bit of time off – whether it’s a half day at the spa or on the golf course, one full daywith no work calls or e-mails, or a vacation away from home and office – it will do you and your work good!

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