Tradeshow "Season"​ Is Back

  • Jun 15, 2021

One of the things I love doing most is helping my clients make their trade show/tabletop show exhibits more successful. It's been a quiet year in regards to those live shows, but they're baaaaack!

With World of Concrete really opening up the spectrum of "large" shows, it looks like they're back and, hopefully here to stay as we continue to modify the actuality of them.

Of course, all that starts with pre-show preparation, goes through booth/table setup and training for staffers, and winds down with post-show follow-up.

With trade show season in full swing, what do you need to do to make sure your exhibit brings in the business you want it to?

  • New graphics?
  • New/revamped exhibit fixtures?
  • Staff?
  • Staff training, because how quickly they forget?
  • Good messaging?
  • A call to action?
  • Promotional Products?
  • New vendors because some of your old ones are no longer there?

Whatever you need, now is the time to get it going, even if your next show isn't 'til fall or later so you'll be ready!

While you may think you have plenty of time, keep in mind that the world is dealing with supply chain issues right now. Something that might have taken 1 - 2 weeks before may take longer double or triple that due to lack of inventory on finished product and/or raw materials and/or staffing shortages. And, if you wait 'til shortly before you need it so you don't have to spend the money now, you may find that prices have gone up and/or the demand has also gone up so you're still dealing with supply issues.

Thorough preparation is an important key to a successful tradeshow and now is not the time to test that!

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