Vacations as a Marketing Tool

  • Jul 30, 2019

So you’re a micro – to mid-size business owner and you just don’t/can’t find the time to be away from the office long enough for a vacation? I’m in the same boat, but I know that vacations are important not just for my mental and physical health, but for my creativity – which, in my case, is a huge business asset.

Although we business owners can’t necessarily take a vacation that is 100% work-free, it is important to take some time off. By not being in business-mode all the time, and taking a break from our physical work environment, we open ourselves up to new ideas and to see things we thought we’d done right/well in a whole new light.

Maybe we have the opportunity to see how others are handling the same type of business we own. When I was a manager in the hotel industry, I spent 5 – 7 days a week at my hotel. I understood the business and knew what we did well and where we needed improvement. When on vacation, however, the perspective changed. I stayed at other properties and got to see things from the other side of the front desk. It opened me up to new ideas on how to handle customer service issues, how the physical layout of a hotel can affect a guest’s stay, what tools we weren’t using that we should be taking advantage of, and more.

Today, even when I go for a simple day-trip to Disneyland, a part of me is looking at how they are promoting the brand, the parks, and the experience. How are they using promotional products (other than as a way to get me to spend more money)? What are the marketing avenues they are taking advantage of and are they being executed well? How can I apply those things to my clients and my own business?

A vacation is a time to rejuvenate yourself. Even if you need to spend a couple of hours each day on work essentials, it’s still time spent away from the office that will give you new perspective (consciously or not) on improvements you can make in your own business.

Now go out and catch a wave, go to an amusement park, climb a rock, or visit a spa. Whatever you enjoy – get out there and do it.

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