With Business Gifts, What’s Inside Is Not the Only That Counts

  • Dec 4, 2018

When it comes to business gifts, what’s outside can be at least as important as what is inside the package. By making the packaging and/or presentation of a business gift creative, we can make the initial impact and resulting memories of the gift that much more powerful.  

Although gift cards are a popular choice, statistics show that fully 25% of gift cards are never redeemed. And when they are, they are usually used to purchase necessities, or even a gift for someone else. What if you were to enclose that gift card in a wallet? Certainly the wow factor has just increased tremendously and you’ve given an additional item that will be used and enjoyed long after the gift card is gone.

Do you like to give a more “crafty” type of gift? (For some businesses, this can be totally appropriate, but make sure it's in line with your branded image.) Maybe creating a cookie recipe and packaging the dry ingredients so that it’s practically ready to bake? What if you dropped that ingredients package into a cookie jar, or a mug? Your presentation impression just went way up and, again, the packaging will stay behind and be used long after the cookies are enjoyed. 

Need ideas to make this year’s business gift giving so successful that your recipients will work for your continued success because they will be looking forward to what you come up with next year? Give us a call at 619-697-2045 or e-mail us at info@levpromotions.com to set an appointment with a Marketing Solutions Specialist.

Be aware though, time is almost up to get holiday gifts ordered, produced and delivered before Christmas, if that's your deadline goal.

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