Event Marketing



Are Your Marketing Events Marketing Focused?


We also know that there are a lot of options out there
when it comes to marketing:

What is a marketing event?
•    Open House
•    Grand Opening
•    Anniversary Celebration
•    New Location
•    Business Milestone (e.g. Millionth Customer)
•    New Product/Service Introduction
•    Client or Employee Appreciation
•    Fundraiser or Social Action Event
•    and more…

The hardest part about a successful marketing event is keeping the marketing aspect of it well-incorporated in the planning, but not too in-your-face for the attendees.

Lev Promotions


  • can help you plan an event with an eye towards the marketing message behind it - from initial planning to at-event management to post-event follow-up.
  • develops and produces the marketing collateral you need to publicize your event – from invitations to at-event signage.
  • creates a buzz about your event with PR strategies when warranted.
  • keeps your branding and messaging in mind through all aspects of the event.
  • works with your staff to promote the right atmosphere so it feels like an event, not a sales ruse.

If the event is about you have a message you want to convey, then make sure
that any free food and booze is an element of the event; not the main attraction!
Keep it fun, but always remember the reason for the event and your goals.