Event Marketing



Are Your Marketing Events Marketing Focused?


There are many marketing strategies out there. One of the most effective and fun ways to market is through a marketing event, but do you know what event marketing really means?

First of all, what are some types of marketing events?

•    Open House
•    Grand Opening
•    Anniversary Celebration
•    Celebration of a Move to a New Location
•    Business Milestone (e.g. Millionth Customer)
•    New Product/Service Introduction
•    Client or Employee Appreciation
•    Fundraiser or Social Action Event
•    and more…

The hardest part about a successful marketing event is keeping the marketing aspect of it well-incorporated in the planning, but not too in-your-face for the attendees. There is some finesse involved, as you don't want to lose the marketing message, but you want to keep the event fun and something that will be talked about.

Lev Promotions 

  • can help you plan an event with an eye towards the marketing message behind it.
  • develops and produces the marketing collateral you need to publicize your event.
  • designs and produces signage and banners.
  • creates buzz about your event with PR strategies.
  • keeps your branding and messaging in mind through all aspects of the event.
  • works with your staff to promote the right atmosphere so it feels like an event, not a sales ruse.

If you have a marketing message you want to convey, make sure any free food and booze is an element of the event;
not the main attraction! Keep it fun, but always remember the reason for the event and your goals.
And remember, a marketing event is a business event - drunkeness should never be the goal.
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