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Studies have shown that promotional products' messaging outlasts other types of advertising (such as radio commercials, print ads and TV spots) in the short term. They also have the best staying power simply because they offer a reason to keep them around - usefulness, entertainment, decorationand more. With hundreds of thousands of items to choose from, you can be assured that the perfect one to meet your marketing needs and resources is out there.

We know that you can get your promotional products from a lot of sources. What makes working with Lev Promotions beneficial to you is that we work with you to choose a promotional product that will best get your message across. We understand that a promotional product should be chosen with an eye to to your target market, your goal, your call-to-action, your theming, and your budget. We know the questions to ask so that we can make targeted suggestions that will bring you the best possible results. We can even put metrics in place for you so that you can determine your ROI (return on investment) and/or ROO (return on objectives). 


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