Trade Show Marketing



Are You Getting the Most out of Your Trade Show Marketing Program?


Did you know that trade shows can be a far more cost-effective way to connect with and market to customers and prospects than one-on-one sales calls?

Consider this about trade shows exhibits:
  • Many of the people on your radar already attend these shows – you can leverage time with customers and prospects over the course of the show, reducing or eliminating the need for cold calls.
  • People you may never have thought to connect with attend these shows.
  • Target attendees with pre-show marketing to entice and encourage booth visits.
  • Pre-arrange meetings with your best clients and hottest prospects on or off the show floor for valuable results.
  • Have a product that is large or very heavy and can’t easily be transported on regular sales calls? An exhibit may be the perfect place to do hands-on product demonstrations!


   Lev Promotions

  • creates pre-show and/or at-show marketing strategies to boost booth visits by your target market.
  • helps you choose the right trade shows to exhibit at so you make the most of your resources to achieve your goals.
  • ensures better results by designing a post-show follow-up strategy.
  • develops signage and graphics to intrigue people who are “just passing by."
  • increases excitement at your booth with at-show promotional activities that will entice greater booth traffic.
  • trains your staff to be more effective in a trade show environment – it is a different set of skills than a sales call.

 Whether it’s your first or your 1,001st time exhibiting at a trade show, implementation of

  • good marketing strategies
  • well chosen promotional products
  • wise distribution of promotional products
  • trade show specific staff training and
  • effective booth graphics

can be the difference between just being there and seeing actual, significant results.

Lev Promotions can help!


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