Marketing Lessons from Disney

  • Dec 3, 2019

Anyone who's known me for more than 2 minutes knows that I am an avid Disney fan. Not only do I enjoy just about everything Disney on a personal level, but I find many things about their business model that are worth emulating in my professional life.

Of course, their attention to detail in the realm of customer service is phenomenal. Coming from a background in hotel management, I certainly understand the importance of superior customer service. In fact, I often start a marketing presentation saying that customer service is any business’ #1 marketing tool. Without customer service that is rated at least good by the customers (not management), any other time, effort and resources spent on marketing is wasted.

In my current profession promotional products marketing consultant, I have to respect the way that Disney has made their promotional products into coveted items that we (often) overpay for. While other businesses give away their promotional products, Disney has built a whole retail empire based on the premise that people want/need/covet items with just about anything Disney-related imprinted on them. These items are a reminder to people of a wonderful day or complete vacation spent with family and friends at a Disney theme park, resort or cruise ship. Perhaps they are a memento of a stolen afternoon playing hooky at a movie theater with the kids watching the latest Disney movie. Or, maybe it’s a purchase made because it brings back wonderful memories of childhood spent with people who are no longer with us.

Whatever the reason, a Disney-related item is purchased because it has some meaning to the buyer. Wouldn’t we as business owners and professionals love to be in that position? Make your business as integral to your customer as Disney makes itself to the lives of its fans and you can achieve that type of loyalty to the degree appropriate to what you do.

Oh, and yes, I am wearing my Tinkerbell t-shirt as I type this! I'm not ashamed to say that a little faith, trust and pixie dust goes a long way in giving me the creativity I need to get the job done for my clients!


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