When You Plan for Opportunities, They Usually Show Up

  • Jun 2, 2020

Ever notice that, once you’ve put your mind to something, things kind of fall into place to make it happen.

I was reviewing my strategic marketing plan to see where I was on track and what needs tweaking. I realized that so many of the opportunities I was planning to seek out had just fallen in my lap.

Were some of those opportunities right there waiting for me before? Probably. Did I not notice them because I was just looking in a different direction? Maybe.

I do know that my written plan has focused me enough to see the opportunities as they present themselves. Some fit into this year’s plan and budget, while others are now on the to-do list for next year’s plan. Because I’ve taken notice, though, I’ve already started thinking of ways to leverage those opportunities to my benefit; even if it will be a year or so before I actively work on them.

For the moment, my plate is full with carrying out my plan and enjoying the growth doing so has brought with it.

Wishing you a coherent plan that brings you success!

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